A patented development that, during a pandemic,
even rescued patients on mechanical ventilation
with severe lung damage!
How to restore the original system and remove the effects of Covid in 21 days using acoustic massage?
A unique broad-spectrum method for an external Ph.D. system
Get rid of respiratory system disorders
without unnecessary pills
less than a month
Inflammation of the lungs

Obstructive bronchitis


Chronic obstructive
pulmonary disease

Shortness of

breath Difficulty breathing,
lack of air

Cough, difficulty producing sputum

Fatigue and weakness

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Innovative resonant acoustic massage technology successfully eliminates diseases of the respiratory system and symptoms of post-Covid syndrome
Natalya Yartseva — is the only expert in the world who has the ability to create special frequencies and overtones with her own voice. This sound wave affects the body at the cellular level and restores it
Author of "Acoustic massage"
Candidate of Sciences, author of the method of emotional-sound interaction.
Has been involved in research activities for more than 25 years.
Unique experience made it possible to create Innovative Resonance Technology (IRT), which has a number of advantages, where tone and overtones, the frequency of the sound wave become a kind of informative source.

With the help of IRT, the author can CHANGE THE STRUCTURE of substances and bodies.

It is confirmed that the author has about 20 patents, some have received high awards.

Inclusion in the collection “100 Best Inventions of Russia”

Gold Medal of the XIV Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovative Technologies “Archimedes”. (Russia)

Gold medal at the international invention show “INPEX” in the “Innovative technologies in the field of health” section. (USA)
Natalya Yartseva
Students who are already using the “Sound Flower”,
technology have restored their breathing functions and within three weeks
were able to stop taking most of their medications.
Natalya T.
Diagnosis and symptoms Post-Covid syndrome - 1.5 years have passed since the illness. Shortness of breath and dizziness, worse after walking and other physical activity. Feeling of lack of oxygen. Severe fatigue, “fog” in the head.

Result after 21 days Shortness of breath, fatigue, mood swings disappeared. Free breathing. Clarity in your head. Got more energy
Anna V.
Diagnosis and symptoms Asthma, obstructive bronchitis. Periodic attacks of severe lack of air, the feeling of “I’m suffocating,” difficulty clearing the lungs of mucus, the need to constantly take medications.

Result after 21 days Restoration of lung tissue and the functioning of the entire respiratory system, the lungs began to open and work in a healthy manner, release of phlegm, relief of muscle and psychological tension, refusal of medications.
Diagnosis and symptoms Periodic prolonged sighs. It's difficult to breathe. Mucus in the throat and nose. Chronical bronchitis.

Result after 21 days I can breathe easily. The long sighs are gone. The mucus is almost completely gone. Continues to work with Sound Flower No. 2 to get rid of bronchitis and further restore the lungs.
Bring back your free breathing
without harm to health, unnecessary waste of time, money, physical effort
and start breathing deeply again
Get clearer results with every listen
and forget that you ever had problems with your respiratory system
or your body began to break down after COVID-19
Sound flower No. 1
Your results:

  • Activation of the apices of the lungs
  • Relieving muscle tension
  • Cleansing the nasal cavity and sinuses
  • Preservation of hearing function by improving bone conduction
  • Calm thoughts and an easy transition to sleep
  • The voice is colored with a kind and gentle tone that your loved ones expect from you
for shallow clavicular breathing
Used to treat asthma, bronchitis, ARVI, emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, post-Covid symptoms.

Recommended listening in the morning and evening. When listening before bed, a yawn reflexively occurs when nasal breathing and characteristic snoring are activated, so it should be listened to late in the evening.
Sound flower No. 2
Your results:

  • Improving the functions of the respiratory system
  • A surge of energy and a desire to move
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Natural blush

for chest
Enhances the results of the previous Sound Flower.

Ideal for listening before physical work, sports competitions, tough negotiations, where endurance and powerful recharging are required.
Sound flower No. 3
for upper costal-diaphragmatic type
Your results:

  • Restoration of the upper lobes of the lungs
  • Feeling of sound support
  • Active creative thinking
  • The voice becomes emotionally colored, sad and depressive intonations are replaced by notes of dreaminess and sublimity.
  • Exhalation becomes longer and more economical
  • The ability to ignite people around you with interesting ideas
The final stage of restoration of the respiratory system.

Helps to get out of a state of apathy, indifference to events and people. Returns interest in life. Can be used during stressful periods, when experiencing feelings of sadness and melancholy.
Get a global health treatment for your respiratory system and get visible rejuvenation as a nice bonus
Flower No. 1
rejuvenates the skin and reduces the depth of wrinkles
Flower No. 2
helps prevent wrinkles and early aging
Flower No. 3
brings back youth of soul and thirst for life
Using it is as easy as turning on music on your computer or phone,
and the effect is stronger than many pills, dietary supplements and magic combined
The technology should be used in strict sequence. For 7-21 days, work with Sound Flower No. 1. Then move on to the second, then to the third.
Listen to the audio file and watch the proposed video sequence twice a day, morning and evening.
Listening takes place exclusively in your personal account. When you try to rewrite to other media, the resonant frequencies are cut off and the file will not work.
Gradually move from passive to active perception and complement your listening with simple hand movements.
Choose your tariff and start restoring your respiratory system today!
Sound flower No. 1
for shallow clavicular breathing


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